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What Colleges Say to Our Students:

“…One of the things we loved about your file was your essays. You wrote spectacular pieces that captured your compelling voice as a human being and promising young intellectual. Your words helped to set you apart in our massive pool of qualified applicants. In short, your essays were among the best we read this year.”
— An email from Tufts University to one of our students, Tufts Class of 2013

What Students Say About Us:

Thank you so much for all your help with everything from the essays to all my own personal worries about college admissions. You made the entire process much easier for me... I have found my place at NYU both socially and academically and I don’t think there is anywhere more perfect for me.
— Beverly Hills High student
Thank you for helping me make my dream come true!!! If you ever need any sort of recommendation please let me know! I would be more than happy to let other students know how amazingly helpful you are in making the college process a little less stressful.
— Buckley School student
Obviously it goes without saying how thankful I was that you were able to help me through this process because I would be lost without you.
— Campbell Hall student
Honest, reliable, and straight to the point. Alexandra Rhodes knows the college process in and out and I could not have asked for any more. Thank you not only for offering me advice that altered my entire perspective of how to write a successful college essay, but also for serving as a mentor throughout my high school experience. I am truly indebted for all you have done for me!
— Crossroads student, now at Yale University, class of 2016
So, I hear Northern California is wonderful. There is a little school called Berkeley up in the suburbs of San Francisco. You know, the top public school in the country? Well, it turns out they want me. TO SAY I AM EXCITED IS THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
— Hamilton High School student
With UCLA sending out their decisions today, I’ve been thinking about this time last year. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. I would not be here if it were not for your help!
— Beverly Hills High School student
I wanted to share some good news with you: I got into Oxford! Thank you for all your help! I’m really excited to start their master’s program this October. I’ve also been offered an internship at the Sunday Times in London! Thank you again!
— Queen Mary, University of London, graduate school candidate
Thank you for all the help these past couple of years. We did it! Stanford … my number one dream school! Without your guidance I would not have been able to achieve this great feat. Thank you for everything!!
— Santa Monica High School student
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I RECEIVED THE TRUSTEE SCHOLARSHIP (FULL TUITION, ROOM & BOARD). Thank you so much for everything! I don’t know what to think right now everything has been incredible!!!!!!!!!
— Santa Monica High School student
Stanford is AMAZING!!! It is better than I could have ever imagined. The people, the weather, the classes, everything - I love it! ... None of this could have been possible without you.
— Westridge School student

What Parents Say About Us:

I sing your praises to everyone I talk to — I honestly feel people in your position are the last bastion of sanity in the insane (and scary) world of sending your precious child off to college. In addition to sage advice for families, it is great to have someone your child can talk to who is a responsible adult, yet “cool” and trusted enough to get through to them!
— Beverly Hills High mom
It was very exciting to watch him open that thick envelope — his first of several/many? — and I have to tell you how thrilled I am at how you’ve inspired [our son] to manage his own campaign to apply to college. Thank you for helping [him] get organized, motivated, and energized about this college application campaign. That alone is a priceless skill he’ll take with him no matter which college he attends and no matter what career path he eventually takes.
— Beverly Hills High dad
Once again, Alexandra comes through… First choice college, both kids! Amazing!! Thanks for all of your help!
— Brentwood mom
I think the day we met you was one of the best choices I have made….this college process has been a joy…not the nightmare so many people talk about. I so appreciate all you have done for [my son]; he feels very confident about this whole college process largely because of your input!
— Crossroads mom
Thank you for a decade of awesomeness, [working with all 3 of our kids]. We love and appreciate you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Beverly Hills High School mom
Hopefully you and your family had a great Christmas! Thanks in large part to you, ours was fabulous [when our daughter was accepted Early Decision to Cornell]! On behalf of our entire family, I wanted to thank you again for all the counsel, help, and support take you gave our daughter over the past 2 years. Best wishes for a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2018!
— International School dad
You were an absolute inspiration to [my son] in his essay-writing process. You brought out his creativity and he absolutely adored you. All parents have to do is MEET you to know how wonderful you are. No wonder he got in to his early decision [Ivy League] school. Any family would be CRAZY not to hire you.
— Harvard-Westlake mom
[Our daughter] just came by the house. Her smile, clear eyes, and renewed zest for life tells it all. She is hopeful, excited, and realistic—a winning combination. They say “it takes a village”. Please know that you came into our daughter’s life at such a vulnerable and pivotal time. You helped guide her toward a path she could not have taken without your support, genuine caring, calm reassurance, and knowledge. I know you did not take that responsibility lightly.
— Harvard-Westlake mom
I may have mentioned, but wanted to say in case I didn’t, the day [our daughter] was submitting her early applications she asked her mom and me to sit with her and review her essays one final time—we were blown away by what she wrote, on each and every one of them! She has been very happy working with you [and getting accepted to Barnard early decision].
— Milken dad
We wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with [our son’s] college acceptances. We never imagined he’d get into one of his “reaches.” He has some great choices and we know you contributed much to that success. Thank you for guiding us along way, helping him and making the emotional roller coaster that is College Admissions a lot smoother.
— Palisades Charter parents
[My son] just got accepted…!!!!!!!!!! So, so happy…so, so thankful for all of your help & support … I am as happy as I ever remember being!!! Thanks again.
— New Roads mom
We received the letter this afternoon – [our son] was accepted! We are all so thrilled. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you! Please save room for [our daughter]... Our son could not have done this without your advice and support.
— Polytechnic mom
Thank you for doing such a great job prepping him for his interview. He was really nervous before he went but it sounds like it went well. The admissions person said he was a “good storyteller!” We know that wasn’t the case before his session with you
— Santa Monica High School mom
Don’t you just love seeing the results of your hard work? Boy, you certainly called these all correctly. So, he’s 7 for 9. I also wanted to let you know how highly I think of you. I was putting away some things in his college accordion folder and found his many drafts of the essay he wrote. Your comments were terrific…which I absolutely LOVED! I have to say that I attribute his incredible success in getting into colleges to you. I’ve told everyone that will listen…I can’t tell you how invaluable you have been in this. Your part was unbelievably wonderful, and we can’t thank you enough.
— Shalhevet mom
[Our son] received a letter from [his dream school] today! Yes! Yes! Yes! He was accepted Early Decision! We can’t express our appreciation for all that you’ve done in helping [him] attain his goal of attending a reach school where he can play baseball at the next level.
— St Francis dad
It was a dream working with you. In no particular order, you are extremely knowledgeable, organized, efficient, realistic, professional, available, upbeat, and positive-thinking. You are the perfect cheerleader and the perfect bridge between generations. You turned a potentially painstaking process into a fun and do-able task with excellent results. I loved your approach and your execution. I know your phone already rings off the hook, but after my referrals, you’ll never have a life! Thanks so much for guiding us so pleasantly though the college process.
— Wildwood mom
Just want to thank you so much for all of your help and support with [our daughter]. I feel like you found the perfect balance with her in keeping her realistic but never causing her to stray from her dreams. We are beyond thrilled and truly do owe a large part of her success in this process to you. I wish you could have been there to see her reaction when she opened the Early Action acceptance letter to Georgetown. It truly was priceless.
— Palisades Charter mom

More testimonials available upon request.

Here is a partial list of our college acceptances.

American University
Arizona State University
Ball State
Boston University
Brown University
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Cal Arts
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Cal State Channel Islands
Cal State Los Angeles
Cal State Monterey Bay
Cal State Northridge
Carnegie Mellon
Case Western
Chico State University
Clark College
Colorado College
Connecticut College
Cornell University
Curry College
Drew University
The Evergreen State College
Eugene Lang (The New School)
Florida Institute of Technology
Georgia Tech
George Mason University
George Washington University
Harvey Mudd
Indiana University
Johns Hopkins
Lake Forest
Lewis and Clark
Loyola Maryland
Loyola Marymount University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Menlo College
Naval Academy
Northern Arizona University
Notre Dame
Ohio Wesleyan
Oregon State University
University of Oxford (England)
Parsons School of Design
Penn State
Princeton University
San Francisco Art Institute
Savannah College of Art and Design
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
San Diego State
San Francisco State
Santa Clara University
Sarah Lawrence
School of the Museum of Art
Seattle University
Sonoma State University
Southern Methodist University
St Andrew’s Presbyterian
St Louis University
Texas Christian University
Tufts University
U Colorado Boulder
U of Cincinnati
University of Chicago
U Denver
U of Arizona, Tucson
U of Connecticut
U Massachusetts Amherst
U of Maryland
U of Miami
U of Michigan, Ann Arbor
U of Montana
U of Oregon
U of Santa Clara
U of Southern California (including Marshall School of Business)
U of WashingtonU of Wisconsin, Madison
U of the Pacific
U Pennsylvania
U Puget Sound
U of Redlands
U San Diego
U San Francisco
University of Virginia (UVA)
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Merced
UC Riverside
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz
Washington University St Louis
Wharton School of Business