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  • Don't Procrastinate: Complete Your Common Application and Enjoy Your Summer!

    The Common Application is used by more than 600 colleges, including the Ivy League.

    Don’t wait until the fall to fill it out. Come join us for Your Complete and Correct Common App on June 5.

    College experts Alexandra Dumas Rhodes and Paola Fantini will teach you how to complete your entire Common App from an admissions officer’s point of view.

    We will guide you through your application as you fill it in on the spot, teaching you how to maximize every opportunity to shine and avoid common pitfalls.

    Then, Alexandra Dumas Rhodes will personally teach you her proprietary system for writing standout essays.

    Along the way, we’ll answer all of your questions, such as:

    - What will admissions officers find most interesting about me?

    - Should I submit the optional additional information essay?

    - What? I only have 150 characters to describe each of my activities? Help!

    Alexandra and Paola have over 30 years of combined teaching experience and have helped hundreds of students get admitted to their first-choice colleges.

    We will help you get organized, get strategic, and get it done!

June 3rd Workshop

June 3, 2019 1-4pm

-Complimentary light refreshments.
-Organizational materials to help you stay on top of your deadlines.
-A special 15% discount on subsequent one-on-one work with our essay and application specialists.

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Create Your Own Workshop

Have a group?

We are happy to provide a complimentary presentation for your group of 12 or more families. 
We will come to your school, home, or arrange for a convenient meeting location. 

One-Hour Complimentary Presentations for Parents:

  • Plotting a High School Course (ideal for 8th grade and 9th grade families)

    • What are colleges really looking for?

    • We’ll discuss the importance of academic rigor, GPA, extracurricular activities and which 9th grade courses put you on an AP/honors track

    • How to Help, not Hurt, the College Process: Stress-Relieving Secrets from an Independent Educational Consultant

      • The college process is an important stepping-stone to adulthood.

      • Learn how to empower your child to be proactive and assume responsibility.

      • Getting the Most out of Your College Visits

        • Colleges offer many opportunities for students to experience their campus—find out how your child can take advantage of many new options.

        • Learn how to use the campus tour and information session to isolate the factors that will help you make sure each college is the right “fit.”

        • Letters of Recommendation: Yes, They Matter!

          • Shining letters of recommendation will make your student stand out.

          • Learn how they work, how many you need, and whom to ask.

          • Crafting an Ideal College List

            • Colleges in the same tier aren’t all the same. “Fit” matters!

            • Take a deep dive into the statistics to really understand your chances.

            • Managing the College Application Process

              • Applying to colleges can feel overwhelming for students.

              • Learn step-by-step how to organize a “college box” that will help your child manage the various deadlines and component pieces.

              • Athletic Recruiting: Ins and Outs

                • Learn how your child can leverage athletic talent to gain admission to highly-selective colleges or scholarship awards.

                • Understand when and how prospective recruits to D1, D2 or D3 teams should connect with coaches, the importance of a skills reel, and the merits of attending showcases.

                • Application Red Flags: How to Spot and Address Them

                  • Omissions and mistakes lead admissions officers to have doubts about an applicant.

                  • Learn how to help your child avoid common errors.

                  • Women’s Colleges: Can they be Right for Me?

                    • Did you know that girls who attend women’s colleges are more likely to graduate on time, to pursue graduate studies and to report that they’re better prepared for their first job?

                    • Separate myths from reality as we discuss the many advantages of attending a women’s college, including the new number of colleges belonging to a consortium.


Fee-based Workshops – Hands-On Sessions for Students:

These one-hour experiential workshops can be offered alone or in combination.  We are happy to customize a course for your group of students.  Contact us for rates and details.

  • Preparing for the College Interview

    • Students who know what to expect are much more comfortable and successful in college interviews.

    • Learn strategies for answering difficult questions, the differences between alumni and on-campus interviews, and how to present yourself well. Then, participate in a mock interview.

    • Tackling the “Why” Essay

      • As colleges seek to protect their yield, the “why” essay is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of a college application.

      • Learn how to research unique programs and transform your insights into a lively, persuasive essay.

      • Using the Optional “Additional Information” Essay to Your Benefit

        • Optional essays are a not-to-be-missed opportunity to further stand out.

        • Don’t waste this chance. Discover what admissions officers must know about you and how to put this space to good use.

        • Letters of Recommendation: Yes, They Matter!

          • The Common Application gives you a tweet-length space to explain activities that you may have been committed to for years. How do you do it?

          • Learn how to isolate your most important responsibilities and showcase your passion and leadership.


Six-hour, Fee-based “Learn and Do” Workshops (spread out over 2 days):

These workshops combine in-class learning with assigned independent work between sessions to help students achieve a polished end-result.

  • Common Application Workshop—Tackling the Main Essay and Application

    • Learn how to avoid common “red flags” in your application.

    • Fill in your application completely and correctly.

    • Learn how to showcase your talents in your activities section.

    • Brainstorm, draft, and revise your main Common Application essay.

    • UC Application Workshops—Tackling the Main Essay and Application

      • Learn how to avoid common “red flags” in your application.

      • Fill in your application completely and correctly.

      • Learn how selecting a major plays into UC admissions and how to avoid choosing impacted majors.

      • Showcase your talents in your activities section.

      • Brainstorm, draft, and revise your two UC essays.

      • College Essay--Small Group Workshop

        • Bond with fellow students going through the same process as you learn what admissions officers need to see from you.

        • Brainstorm, write and polish any two essays.

        • “Why” Essay Small Group Workshop

          • Learn how to interpret each prompt for your “why” essays and then research a college’s unique programs.

          • Brainstorm, write and polish any two “why” essays.

Ready to get your group started?  Contact us for rates and additional information.
Didn’t find what you were looking for?  Contact us — we are happy to create a workshop to fit your group’s unique needs.