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College Services

Whether you’re seeking guidance on your college path, wanting help with transfer admissions or needing to submit a standout graduate application, Rhodes Educational Consulting offers the support you need.


College Admissions Counseling

  • The Grade 8 Session

    An eighth grade meeting takes the mystery out of what needs to happen in high school and introduces the goal of college without anxiety or confusion. During this session, we meet with the student and parents to discuss what the student wants to get out of high school based on his middle school experience. We will plan ninth-grade coursework and explain what the long-term implications are of each chosen course (the four-year plan). We will also discuss the student’s interests and how those might be part of the high school experience. By the end of the meeting, the student will have a clear understanding of how to chart a successful high school path.

  • Freshman / Sophomore Sessions

    Ideally, we will meet with the student and parents twice in the freshman year and twice during the sophomore year. These meetings serve to plan the remainder of high school class selection and coursework, extracurricular activities, and summer activities. We will also make long-range plans for the SAT/ACT and for college visits.

  • The Junior Sessions

    Junior year is exciting and busy, especially as the time to apply to college nears. We meet four times over the course of eleventh grade, making sure that students anticipate every step of what will be expected of them. Over the course of the junior sessions, we will:

    1. Evaluate the high school transcript and discuss college goals
    2. Determine a plan for senior year courses
    3. Finalize a test-taking strategy (SAT I, SAT Subject tests, ACT)
    4. Discuss extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and summer options
    5. Prepare for letters of recommendation (whom to ask, how, when, and how many)
    6. Plan college visits and formulate a college list (based on best fit)
    7. Answer all questions pertaining to the admissions process

    By the end of junior year, our students are ready to apply to college.

  • The Senior Sessions

    We offer full support to reduce anxiety and streamline the application process. The twelfth-grade student can receive any or all of the following, beginning in the summer before senior year:

    1. Guidance on application essays and short answer questions
    2. Overall assistance with application presentation and submission
    3. Interview practice and interview skill-building, including mock interviews
    4. Strategy decisions regarding early decision, early action, rolling admissions, etc.
    5. Phone and email assistance to answer questions between sessions
    6. Any other application help as needed (including meeting deadlines)

  • Transfer Admissions

    Transfer Sessions

    Transfer students can choose from the following areas of application assistance:

    1. Help making a college list for transfer admission (based on major, location, etc.)
    2. Guidance on each school’s application essays and short answer questions
    3. Interview practice and interview skill-building, including mock interviews
    4. Details on letters of recommendations and transfer letter of good standing
    5. Overall assistance with application presentation and submission—this includes review of the transfer checklist for each college
    6. Coursework review to make sure that the transfer timeline is met
    7. Phone and email assistance to answer questions between sessions
    8. Any other application help, as needed

  • Deferral / Waitlist / Appeal Services

    We can help students who have been deferred, waitlisted, or rejected devise a strategy to bolster the possibility of admission.  To do so, we first review the submitted application and discuss what we suspect is the reasoning behind the college’s decision.  We give students an honest opinion about whether or not we feel it is worthwhile to intervene.  If a family wants to proceed, we provide support and advice along the way, helping students advocate on their own behalf to maximize their chances for admission.

  • Essay Specialists

    We believe it is never too late for a senior to get guidance in the application process and to benefit from learning about college-essay writing.

    Our essay/application specialists work exclusively with high school seniors on their college applications and essays.  Specialists work with students all the way from the initial brainstorming through each essay’s final draft, also offering guidance on school-specific supplements (which most colleges deem equally or even more important than the main essay).  They keep the application process on track, setting deadlines for students.  They can also proofread each college application and ensure that students approach short answers and the resume section with the same level of detailed attention as they afford their essays.

    All of our specialists are experienced writing teachers who have been personally trained by Alexandra Rhodes on her proprietary system.  Meet our Essay Specialists

  • Graduate Admissions

    We have experience working with students applying to a variety of programs, including post-baccalaureate programs, graduate school, medical school, law school, and pharmacy school.  We offer the following support:

    1. Guidance on statements of purpose, personal statements, and other essays
    2. Feedback to help polish resumes or CVs
    3. Interview preparation, including mock interview practice sessions
    4. Advice on obtaining letters of recommendations that will make an impact
    5. Strategies on how best to integrate special circumstances into the application
    6. Any other application help, as needed

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  • Rates

    Admissions counseling is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  We customize our advice to each individual student; some circumstances require more time, others less.  For this reason, Rhodes Educational Consulting does not offer packages.  Instead, our innovative pay-as-you go model ensures that you are only paying for the services that you receive.

    Please contact us to inquire more about our rates and we’ll be in touch.